Ponies of the Black mountain’s

Wild Stallion on the "Hay bluff"

We started our journet at the Hay Bluff (Welsh: Penybegwn)it is a prominent hill at the northern tip of the Black Mountains, an extensive upland massif which straddles the border between south-east Wales and England. The wild ponies of the Hay bluff are much friendlier than expected. (I managed to stroke this wild stallion who happily posed for photo's)

We continued our journey through Gospel pass, Where we stumbled upon a resting foal in the grass with his dam near by and a wandering stallion who kept a watchful eye from upon the hill.

The foal was a very curious foal, I sat and waited and he had no fear of approaching me.

After he posed for a few pictures he determined i was no harm and went about his day. 

I would highly recommend a trip to the Hay bluff to photograph these ponies. They can be found all over, Though mostly half way up a mountain if you are feeling adventurous.

All images in this blog where shot with the Sony A7iii and the 135mm f1.8 G master lens. (Apart from the first image).

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