I don’t get rolled on often….

But when i do, At least it wasn’t by a horse!

Trudy is a 2 year old St Bernard owned by Leona Carling. Leona won a competition for a Free photo shoot with me on my facebook page.

I love shooting in the Golden hour, So we waited for a sunny day and off to our location we went.

I had chosen this specific location for the gorgeous yellow foliage that only appears at this time of year, I used the foliage to frame Trudy in this image. 

It is hard to believe that this breed can reach a weight of up to 260lbs, Until of course they come hurtling towards you at full speed and you have to play a game of “Chicken” moving out of the way at the final moment. 

Trudy’s funniest habbit is to sleep with her tongue out, Here she demonstrates a perfect pose with droopy tongue hanging out while the sun sets giving her a gorgeous rim lighting!

I have to admit i was expecting to be covered in more slobber at this point in the shoot. 

Did you know that a group of St Bernard’s is called a “Floof”?

They do have “Floofy” fur after all. 

Leona’s favorite place to spend time with Trudy is at sun set. Sun set is the best time for photos too! As the sun goes down it creates a lovely golden warmth and haze. 

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