What’s in my bag

So lately i have had a fair few people asking me what camera i shoot with and why. 

My priority for my images is to provide high quality sharp images for my clients. This needed to reflect in the camera gear i purchased. I shoot exclusively with prime lenses, You may think they are restrictive but they really make you think about your composition and subject / background. 

Yes, Are you shocked, I shoot with 2 different brands of camera.

The Sony a7iii with the 135mm f1.8 G Master. I mainly use this combination for my dog photography work. The focus speed is amazing and the sharpness is to die for. The a7iii is mirrorless and has an electronic viewfinder so its easy to check your exposure, Especially when the light is forever changing in golden hour.

As you can see this lens creates a beautiful background blur and tack sharp right where it needs to be thanks to the Auto focus system on the sony. 

The next camera and lens you spied was the Nikon D850 and 200mm f2. This is my go to camera for my equine photography sessions. The dynamic range of the camera coupled with the deph of field and creamy blur from the 200mm F2 really help to create the dreamy images i strive for. See samples below:

These combinations do come at a cost, But for the quality of the images it really is unrivaled. 


  • Sony a7iii £1,829
  • Sony 135mm f1.8 g master £1,749
  • Nikon D850 £3,149
  • Nikon 200mm f2 £5,199


I have found my happy place with Camera and lens combination and these really work for me, But what works for one person does not work for another. 

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