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My Background

My name is Alexandra, I have been passionate about horses and animal as long as i can remember. I picked up a camera when i was 15 and have not looked back since, Photography plays a huge part of my spare time. 

Photography as Art

I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting Landscape. I use my camera to document the animals and landscapes around me, I often combine animals with the landscape to create stunning imagery that captures the personality and life of the subject. 

Sharing Stories

I invite you to view the images i create through my eyes as i see them and uncover the hidden and amazing beauty of the animals that surround me. 

Interested in working with me?


I am often looking for interesting horses or dogs to photograph for my portfolio, If you would like to work with me (I love to work on different themed shoots for fun) then please use the contact below.. 


I often hold model call's on my facebook page looking for particular types of horse. I have a soft spot for Spanish breeds. 


Unfortunately i do not take paid booking's, As i want to dedicate my time to the photography projects and ideas i am looking to complete for my own personal projects. 

Contact me

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